Winter Vehicle Check

PREVENTION is better than REPAIR (and cheaper!)

With the freezing conditions here…. make sure your vehicle is ready to deal with the rest of this winter by getting it booked in for a winter check.

NOW is the perfect time to get your vehicle checked out and prepared for the long winter and colder months ahead. One step to get ahead is to book your vehicle in for a Winter Vehicle Check, this will limit the risk of your vehicle struggling as the temperatures drop and leaving you out in the cold.

The SLVS Winter Vehicle Check includes:

Tyre Inspection

It is essential to ensure that your tyres are fully prepared for the possible change in terrain as roads can become icy and wet over the colder months.The SLVS Winter Vehicle Check, will assess the tyre tread depth and pressure to establish if they are safe to drive on. There could be the option to switch to winter tyres for better grip and cornering ability – our technicians will be able to advise you on the best route if this is something you would like to do.

Battery Test

The last thing anyone wants to do is be caught out with problems on their vehicle battery in winter. The SLVS Winter Vehicle Check will ensure your battery is secure, protected, charged and holding charge.

Coolant & Antifreeze Top-up

Engine-related breakdowns are commonly related to issues with a vehicle’s cooling system. The SLVS Winter Vehicle Check will ensure the cooling system in your vehicle is optimal and your antifreeze will be checked and refilled if necessary. Why should you add Antifreeze? It is added to the water in a vehicle’s radiator to prevent it from seizing up and causing any unwanted issues. Frozen water expands and can split engine hoses and pipes, causing leaks and reducing cooling efficiency. The SLVS Winter Vehicle Check will prevent this from happening.

Windscreen Wipers Inspection

Windscreen wipers are extremely important in the winter as the weather can change unexpectedly and it’s imperative to have perfect vision whilst driving. During the SLVS Winter Vehicle Check, the condition of your windshield wipers will be inspected to make sure they are suitable for clearing the screen. Whilst we are there we will check your wiper fluid level top it up if necessary.

Lights Assessment

Your vehicle lights will be assessed ensuring all bulbs are working to the correct standard. There are a lot less hours of sunlight in the winter and you may find yourself driving in fog, meaning front and rear lights are used more. Additionally driving with broken lights is both illegal and dangerous, so this is a necessary precaution to take.

Oil Level Replenishment

Too little or too much oil in a vehicle can cause major engine problems. To avoid a breakdown in the cold months, it is important to get this checked and find the best engine oil for winter in your car. In some instances, oil may need to be thinner during winter to allow the vehicle to run more smoothly – this is something our technicians can advise you on.

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If you would like to know more about the SLVS Winter Vehicle Check drop the Standlake Vehicle Services Team a call or email and we will be happy to talk you through what we offer.

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