NEW: 3D 4 wheel alignment

You’ve probably heard of, or had your “Tracking” adjusted, this 2 wheel/ laser method of alignment has been around for a while, but things have just got exciting with 3D 4 wheel alignment.

This new system measures the data from at least 12 angles and checks that against the information supplied by the vehicle manufacture.

This then enables the suspension to be adjusted to make sure that all four wheels line up correctly and as a result it is a far more accurate method of correcting the vehicles wheel alignment.

So why the excitement, what’s the benefits to you, the customer?

  • Reduced tyre wear – saving money on tyres
  • Better fuel consumption – less resistance from the tyres means your engine doesn’t have to work as hard …. less fuel needed
  • Improved handling – lowering the rolling resistance in the tyres reduces overheating so improving the braking and cornering efficiency
  • Less stress on mechanical components – less resistance puts less stress on the steering and suspension prolonging their life

Have you seen the roads recently? there’s every chance that your vehicles wheel alignment is no longer in-line with manufacturers specifications. Our NEW 3D 4 Wheel alignment system is the latest, accurate check available, call us to book your vehicle in and just pay for any adjustment required.

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