Freezing temperatures

Top tips for getting you and your car ready for the freezing season.

Freezing temperatures comes with issues that can, potentially lead to a breakdown.

During these cooler days it is important to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top condition and ready to go on the twist of a key, making sure you can enjoy this wonderful time of year!

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you and your vehicle are ready to cope:

  • Get your vehicle booked in for a Winter check. These checks thoroughly assess your vehicles readiness for the winter.

Most Winter Check include the following:

  1. Battery check
  2. Coolant and anti-freeze
  3. Windscreen wipers
  4. Lights
  5. Oil levels

If you would like to know what SLVS include get in contact:

  • Make sure you carry extra de-icer and an Ice-scraper: You need to have an unobstructed view out of the windscreen. As the driver, it is important for you to see clearly.
  • Check your tyres: Make sure you have the minimum tyre depth which is a legal requirement and very important. If you are likely to undertake a lot of travelling over this festive period, then you might want to consider winter tyres. These are made from a different type of rubber that is designed to be more flexible in the cooler temperatures. Normal summer tyres can stiffen as the temperature drops. Winter tyres will be marked with a symbol of a snowflake or snow-topped mountains.
  • Plan your journey: The darker nights and frosty mornings can make the driving conditions very difficult. It is a great idea to programme a Satnav even if you know where you are going. Satnav’s include up to date information on road conditions and travel news, providing information for you to have a safer journey and an idea of when you will arrive at your destination.
  • Add extra time to your journey: Leave a little earlier, giving yourself more time to get to your destination. This allows for unexpected road delays that may have occurred as a result of poor road conditions. You don’t want to put yourself under unnecessary pressure to be somewhere on time but actually be able to take you time and reduce the stress of travelling.
  • Vehicle Phone chargers: We all own a mobile phone, but do you have a car charger? If you are going on a journey it is worth investing in one. It means if you are delayed, you have the means to stay in contact with those expecting you. Reassuring the people you love, letting them know you are going to be late, but safe, reduces worry all round. It also means you can contact assistance, if required, to come out and help get you moving again, so that you can return to festive celebrations and your loved ones.
  • Pack a breakdown kit: If you are caught out, an emergency kit will help keep you safe and warm. Things you should consider including are:
    1. Torch
    2. Blanket to keep warm
    3. Warm extra jumpers
    4. Shovel
    5. First-aid kit
    6. Jump-start cables
    7. High-Vis jacket
    8. Fluorescent triangle
    9. AND chocolate or snacks, if you get stranded you might need something to keep you going.
  • Check you have breakdown cover. It is not just about preparing your vehicle or packing emergency kit, but, also knowing you can call for qualified assistance to get you motoring again or taking you to a place that is safe. This will be a big comfort if you need it.

If you would like to know more about the Winter Check get in contact with us.

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