A blast from the past with a big birthday this year!

This year Audi quattro celebrates its 40th anniversary, having changed the automotive landscape forever, but for Dereck, having this on the ramps takes him back to his early technician roots. These iconic cars were very much part of his young days with Audi, a journey that resulted in him becoming an Audi Master Technician.

From posters on the wall when young, Dereck was keen to get this quattro on his ramp and have a good look around. After a thorough assessment of this 1984 Audi UR quattro WR it was agreed with the owner that there were a few little jobs that would bring it forward, including new suspension and exhaust systems.

So, what’s on the job list this week:

Milltek Exhaust system: Currently it has an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spec exhaust which has started to show signs of deterioration, it seemed sensible to replace it with a full system. Sadly, the need for OEM spec exhausts has already gone but, research showed Milltek to be a strong replacement. Top of the Milltek “classic” range list is the Audi UR quattro, having first developed a performance system for the car back in the early 90’s, Milltek has developed a stainless-steel option after sourcing a 1988 white quattro and using it to develop their own efficient system. The Milltek exhaust includes a new cat-back system improving performance and enhancing the quattro’s unique sound. It’s been developed to solve a weak spot in the original design, where there was movement of the rear silencer which increased exhaust to body contact. This has been resolved by adding a new bracket mounting point to the boot floor. The whole system is finished with twin polished tips, the only thing seen once the quattro is finally back on its tyres.

Suspension: “quattro” is Italian for four and it is quattro units that are getting refreshed on this one. The assessment highlighted that bump stops and gaiters had perished with age, though legal it was felt that it would be a good area to bring the car forward. Whilst replacing these bits the entire suspension unit would need to be dismantled, a quick chat with the owner identified that the 30+ year old springs and dampers would benefit from being replaced. Leading suppliers and enthusiast, Pete Reeves from quattro Corner has supplied the project with a Koni Sports system and various other parts, supporting the plan of the owner to undertake sensible long-term maintenance. This new system should also enhance the handling and offer a smooth ride once fitted.

New injectors: The quattro has suffered with a hot start issue, the owner had, in a routine check identified that the clips on the ignition leads had started to deteriorate.  These were replaced with Magnecor HT Leads, ruling out ignition as the cause. Further discussions have resulted in the purchase of replacement fuel injectors from quattro Corner, as years of use can cause them to become gummed up, this in turn affects their spray pattern, resulting in bad running, particularly during a hot start. New fuel injectors and a good clean should see the issue resolved… we’ll keep you posted.

Working on projects like this takes attention to detail and you never know what else might be thrown up when you start pulling them a part. There may be more jobs to add to the list as the project continues…… watch this space and our @StandlakeVS Facebook page for updates on this one!

If you have a project that you want us to have a look at, do not hesitate to contact us, we like a challenge!

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