About Us

Standlake Vehicle Services is based in Standlake and has been serving the local community since 2006, we have always prided ourselves on delivering great customer service with a smile. We are a friendly, well-established independent garage with expertise in various makes and models of vehicles (four wheeled and two).

Our aim is to ensure that all your vehicle needs are under one roof, from MOTs and maintenance to bespoke projects and bodywork repairs…. It is important to us that you get the service you need to keep on trusting us for all your future vehicle needs. Recently we have expanded the business to include a dedicated MOT area, we realised that in order to provide the best customer service with immediate MOT aftercare, we needed a specialised area where they can be completed quickly, and any repairs can be fixed onsite on the day, where possible.

Our rates are always assessed for their competitiveness and we pride ourselves on the quality of work we deliver, just check out our testimonials below!!




Workshop Manager


Main MOT Tester and Technician


Dereck: Standlake Vehicle Service’s Director

Why do I love my job @StandlakeVS?

Engines and how they work have always captivated my interest, I knew early on I wanted to work on motorbikes, trucks and everything in between. It was an interest I enjoyed when I was growing up and I have been fortunate to have been able to turn this passion into a job I love @StandlakeVS.

My journey to Standlake Vehicle Services started during my apprenticeship at Eurodrive. It was here, through hard work, I became a multi-vehicle trained technician, this also included light commercial vehicles. With this qualification under my belt I moved to Audi as a Service Technician, embracing all the experiences they had to offer. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I quickly qualified as a Master Technician and MOT tester. However, in the search for yet more, I started to realise what my actual goal in life was and I knew I had to try and start working on achieving it before it was too late.

My dream was simple, to own my own vehicle business all before I turned 30. I focused on this and I am proud to say that I achieved it with 2 months to spare. In 2011 I took over Standlake Vehicle Services. In the last 7 years the garage has grown, taking on more staff adding a “new” dedicated MOT bay. We also wanted to look at ways to support the local community and we sponsor the Oxford Downs Cricket Club and Alicia Robinson, a local, young international trials rider. Being able to give back to the local community has been one of the greatest achievements for Standlake Vehicle Services as a company.

What do I do when I’m not working on vehicles…. ?

I enjoy riding two wheels, on the road but also in off-road trials competitions. I have been fortunate to meet many characters in my trials riding journey and it was through this that I first met Alicia and saw her potential for the future on the international platform.  This wonderful young talent is now very much on her way to becoming a top woman’s trials rider and we keep a close eye on where she is riding and will regularly post on the @StandlakeVS Facebook page.

I am very proud of my team here at Standlake Vehicle Services and what we offer to our customers. All I want is for each member of the team to feel unique and part of the Standlake Vehicle Service family. I know if the teams feels special and appreciated then they will make our customers feel the same.

Mike: Workshop Manager

How did I end up here at Standlake Vehicle Services?

I have been fortunate to realise, early on, that I like meeting people, everyone is different, and I enjoy talking to customers and finding that spark that makes them come alive. I enjoy building customer loyalty and making sure their needs are met and exceeded, ensuring they leave with a positive impression makes my day worthwhile.

My time at the Co-Op Insurance group taught me a lot about developing customer service skills. Here we had a number of valued customers that each had bespoke needs. I enjoyed learning how I could best deliver the service they expected to ensure they kept choosing the Coop company. I was able to hone my customer liaison skills, build friendships and develop new networks. These skills come to great use when I was a Night Club Manager briefly.

My next role was really interesting and very different. When I had the opportunity to learn about a new evolving sector I agreed quickly. The Renewables Industry is very important in today’s environmentally responsible environment. This is a very dynamic and progressing sector. Like the vehicles that are being manufactured today with environmental considerations towards materials used and emissions. This industry is looking at ways to look after the planet and is constantly developing. I have found the motoring industry is similar, both in the evolution of environmental responsibilities but also, excitingly, in vehicle design.

Before I started at Standlake Vehicle Services I spent some valuable time at Rolls Royce and Bentley specialists. In both these roles I held the position of Business Development Manager, doing what I enjoyed the most…. caring for the customer and developing the business to deliver on the customer expectations. I have been able to bring these skills and continue this at Standlake Vehicle Services.

So what else do I enjoy?

I have many hobbies from cooking to fishing but a real passion for me is motorbikes. There have been many types of bikes that have stayed in my garage. I have always enjoyed riding them and ridden them all around the UK and on the continent. Like my colleagues, it is always great when something a bit different and interesting turns up at the garage for us to fix. We cannot help but have a nose around.

One of my greatest achievements and one that I am very proud of, is in 2010 I embarked on a lifestyle transformation with the aim to do three things. One, lose weight, two, keep it off and three, improve my overall health. I am pleased to now find myself over 10st lighter and have been dedicated these last two in maintaining this total loss.

Dan: The main MOT Tester and Technician

Dan the main MOT tester: How did I end up here at SLVS?

Simple…. I met and worked with Shane at Oxford Mini works whilst I complete my apprenticeship. Like Shane I enjoyed the opportunity to see a Mini built from scratch. When I completed my apprenticeship I wanted to do something different I wanted to be responsible for my own area which is why I accepted a role at Standlake Vehicle Services as the main MOT tester. I enjoy working hard but it is important to me to have the right colleagues around me and at Standlake Vehicle Services I have the best working environment.

I’ve been here for three years now and from day one my main role has been to complete the MOTs due each day. I can complete anywhere between 8 to 10 MOTs everyday. I am the main MOT Tester at Standlake Vehicle Services, so I know what I am doing and can do it efficiently. For me getting a vehicle in, getting it processed with the MOT result ready for our customers quickly is important. The team here are friendly and always pull together so if I need help to deliver on our customer expectations there are three others that can do the MOTs.

There’s more than just the cars, well kind of?

Have you heard of Tough Mudder? I have been a keen runner for a while and decided to completed a Tough Mudder recently. This is a 5 mile mud-fest with 13 obstacles in total. I found it hard but fun, for me it was a real achievement. I am a huge DC comic fan, enjoying the films, collecting the figures and attending Comic-Cons regularly.

Music and Podcasts: I am always listen to music and podcasts you’ll regularly see me with an earpiece in and something interesting playing in my ear. When I’m not working on a vehicle I’m usually doodling on a pad of paper… you’ll see these creations on Facebook from time to time, keep an eye out!

But I don’t just enjoy working on cars though…. I really love driving them too. For my birthday presents I always ask for a driving experience!! There have been some very interesting ones, they have given me the chance to drive a wide variety of really unusual vehicles, among these there has been a Mustang and a single seater formula 3 that drove around the Thruxton circuit.

When I spotted an opportunity to take the Batman car from the 1970’s TV show with Adam West out for a lap or two I didn’t think twice. This experience offered 6 very cool laps of Brands Hatch in an iconic vehicle and being a DC fan. Taking the Bat Car out for a spin was a real highlight.

It’s why I like being an MOT tester and Vehicle technician, no matter the vehicle, each one offers a new experience to the driver, no two are the same and this diversity makes working on cars motivating.

I’m lucky I can enjoy my job!